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PROFIBUS DP Master Network Interface Module for Quantum

The PROFIBUS DP Master Network Interface allows Quantum processors to interface easily with slave devices supporting PROFIBUS DP V0 OR V1. The module acts as an input/output module between the PROFIBUS network and the processor. PROFIBUS is one of the most used protocols in industrial automation. Applications can be found in power and distribution, petrochemical, water and gas, SCADA and DCS.

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Features and Benefits

Easy to configure and manage

  • Includes ProSoft Configuration Builder software to design, configure and monitor your
    PROFIBUS network
  • Includes PROFIBUS DPV1 Master FDT (Field Device Tool) communication DTM
    (PROFIBUS comDTM) software to interface between any compliant FDT software container,
    an FDT device DTM, and applicable PROFIBUS slave devices
  • Configure PTQ module and PROFIBUS network over Ethernet

Industry Recognition

  • Schneider Electric CAPP (Collaborative Automation Partner Program) approved
  • PROFIBUS Trade Organization (PTO) approved

Rugged and reliable

  • The module is built on Siemens ASIC ASPC2 Step E with Infineon C165 Microprocessor
  • The firmware is flash-upgradable
  • Adheres to the Unity HEC Hot Standby Functional Specifications.
  • Supports up to six PTQ-PDPMV1 modules per rack (up to four for Hot Standby implementations)
  • Supports extended diagnostic data, alarm indications and confirmations handling, Multicast and Broadcast telegrams (DPV1)

Backed by ProSoft Technology®

  • Industrial data communications experts who understand your protocols, devices, and applications
  • Three year standard warranty

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Extra informatie

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