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Modbus Serial Port Expander

The ProLinx Modbus Serial Port Expander module allows you to attach up to three separate Modbus master devices to a single Modbus slave.

The module is designed to act as a multiplexer, allowing simultaneous connections from multiple Modbus masters to a single Modbus slave. A common use for the module is to have an HMI panel and a SCADA application all communicating to the same Modbus slave port of a Modicon processor.

This stand-alone DIN-rail mounted protocol gateway provides a single Modbus Master port and three Modbus Slave ports.

All Modbus serial ports are individually configurable, providing a very powerful and flexible host or device interface solution.

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The ProLinx Communication Modules provide connectivity for two or more dissimilar network types. The modules, encased in sturdy extruded aluminum, are stand-alone DIN-rail mounted protocol gateways, providing communication between many of the most widely used protocols in industrial automation today.

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