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Echograph is a reliable, industry-hardened gateway providing real-time visualization of process and manufacturing data including logging capability. Data can be both displayed and modified in a web browser through an easy to use graphical human machine interface (HMI) – without interference to existing controller systems.

  • Easy Live Data Visualization

  • Quick Reaction to Unexpected Production Events

  • Powerful Graphical HMI With User-Friendly Configuration

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Easy Live Data Visualization

The echograph device provides an easy and cost efficient way to visualize process, manufacturing and quality data via a HMI based on native web technology, in any standard web browser (no plug-ins required) – with no need for an OPC Server or a complex SCADA system. Based on scalable, resolution-independent vector graphics, the data can be consistently displayed on a wide variety of network enabled devices, e.g. desktop PC, laptop, smart phone, tablet PC or an industrial control panel.

Quick Reaction to Unexpected Production Events

echograph periodically polls and visualizes data from the PLCs. In this way, the operator is always informed about the current manufacturing situation and about any unexpected event or condition. At the same time, the graphical HMI makes it very easy to directly control the machinery and visually adjust the production parameters in order to quickly resolve the situation and to utilize the full potential of the manufacturing process. echograph not only allows quickly assessing any condition on the spot and taking the appropriate action, but also supports continuous and freely configurable data logging to an SD card, which enables data retention for subsequent analysis.

Powerful Graphical HMI with User-Friendly Comfiguration

The powerful graphical HMI is fully customizable through the user-friendly free ‘atvise webMI Builder’. Designed to fulfill numerous needs in the shortest implementation time possible, a library of predefined ready-to-use visualization components, such as gauges, switches, sliders or displays, is also provided. In addition, fully customized objects and web elements can be created.

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Extra informatie

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